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Can You Guarantee Your Retirement Income?

Are You Financially Prepared for Retirement?

If you are unsure, then you owe it to yourself to speak with a professional. Follow the link below to recieve a free eBook about guaranteeing your retirement income from retirement expert, Bill Grossman.

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About Bill Grossman

Bill Grossman was brought up in Barrington, Rhode Island, and raised his own family for the past 30 years in Bristol, Rhode Island. Bill now has two grown children who still live in the area and recently celebrated his 35th wedding anniversary to his lovely wife Pam.  

In 1990 Bill entered the financial services industry with a large well-known insurance company. Five years later, he started Cambridge Benefits Solutions and served his clients with life, disability, health insurance, and retirement planning needs. As an independent agent, in 2010 Bill decided to specialize and work with clients over the age of 50 in the areas of Long Term Care Planning, Medicare, Social Security and safe money solutions for their retirement savings.  

Bill believes that honesty, integrity, and the truth are more important than anything else. As Bill says at all of his seminars, I know I am not right for everyone, but what I do is probably right for about 70% of the people we meet who want their money protected. 

Specializing in retirement planning for over 26 years, Bill’s main goal every day is to help families reach their retirement financial goals. As a diligent educator of the retirement process, he believes in taking the extra time and care needed to educate his clients, helping them understand the process and the solutions presented. Bill enjoys helping them navigate their biggest retirement hurdles with ease and always going above and beyond - to find the best strategy for each client, every time.